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Our company is a specialized car electronic product manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including car camera, car smart key engine start-stop system, vehicle black box, and vehicle monitor, among others.

Main Products
  • 3100S Smart Key Engine Start-Stop SystemThe 3100S smart key engine start-stop system starts or stops the engine by a single key button, which is very easy to operate. The exquisite smart key with fashionable appearance can be installed flexibly with the dedicated multifunction panel and its color will change based on the vehicle's state. When the car is in a state of alert, there is blue light flashing on the OFF button.
  • OBD Auto Window Close And Open ModuleThe model 1000 OBD auto window close and open module can automatically close and open the car windows. When the driver stops the engine, gets out and closes the car door, the windows can be automatically rolled up by pressing the lock button. Press the unlock button three times from outside the car will roll down the windows.