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Case 1
Our client in New Zealand, Batterylink Auto Electronical Co., Ltd began to contact us in March, 2013 by email. In June of this year, they ordered our products and said will establish a long term cooperation with us. Moreover, they have highly praised our camera with excellent view.

Case 2

The purchasing manager of Hanscom K Inc. in America started to communicate with our salesmen in 2012 and he had made a comprehensive investigation on our products. In 2013, this company asked for samples of several products for testing after a series of consultation. Then they ordered all the tested products. So far, we can receive the orders of this company every month and our product was approved.

Case 3

AEC - BOSCH Coach Multimedia, one of our clients in Spain contacted us in March, 2010. Samples were sent to them after continuous communication of one month and this client was satisfied with the quality and the price of our products. Since May, 201o, they started to order 1000 pieces of SL502-18.5 products monthly.

Case 4

Our client in Poland, Karmax began to purchase our samples for test in May, 2012. Pleased with our samples, then they made the first order of SL523C-U European car number plate frame and we have kept continuous cooperation all the time. Nowadays, the average monthly purchased quantity of SL523C-U product reaches 1200 pieces.

Main Products
  • GGC-17 Bus/Taxi Security CameraThe GGC-17 bus or taxi security camera is used for interior monitoring and the maximum viewing angle reaches 170 degrees. Adopting high-quality CCD or CMOS image sensor, this product can produce clear images. The resolution is 380, 420 or 600 TV Line. Infrared night vision function is also available.
  • European Car Number Plate Frame CameraThe SL523-U European car number plate frame camera has a black or silver metal frame. The protection grade is IP68, so excellent dustproof and waterproof performance can be guaranteed. This product adopts SONY CCD, MT9V136A or CMOS PC1030 image sensor and is thus able to produce clear images. The angle of view is 170 degrees, providing a large visual range.