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  • USB Vehicle Black BoxThe SLBX-1 USB vehicle black box is suitable for the monitoring and information recording of buses, taxis and other transport systems. It uses U disk to save data, and the data is stable and can be conveniently transmitted. Videos can be seen and saved by directly plugging the U disk into the computer's USB interface.
  • SD Card Car DVRThe SLX201 SD card car DVR adopts the H.264 video compression standard. It can produce high-definition images and record video for a long period of time. It supports automatic cyclic and covering recording. This 360-degree panoramic video recorder can provide powerful proof when accidents arise. It also has an image amplification function during steering and reversing.
  • Mini SD Card DVRThe SLX203 mini SD card DVR is a more slap-up vehicle traveling recorder. It supports remote control and has GPS and 3G functions, which can meet the need of users pursuing high-quality experience.

The vehicle black box and car DVR can be used to record the vehicle's running state in real time. They adopt U disk or SD card for storage. The storage capacity is large and the data can be read quickly and conveniently. Videos stored in the U disk or SD card will not miss when power is off.

Our SLBX-1 USB vehicle black box has resistance to fire, pressure, shock, vibration and magnetic interference, which is safe to use. The SLX201 SD card car DVR has automatic cycle overlay function. It can record videos and take photos circularly. When the SD card is full, this product will overwrite the card, so the new information will replace the old one. Our product also supports wide voltage input. It can work normally with the voltage ranging from 8V to 48V. The SLX203 mini SD card DVR supports 64GB SD card storage. It has motion detection function. When a moving object is detected, it will take a photo or record video automatically. It also has timing start-up and shutdown as well as alarm recording functions.

As a specialized vehicle black box / car DVR manufacturer and supplier in China, Sailors also provides vehicle monitor, smart key engine start-stop system, license plate frame camera, and bus/taxi/truck video camera, among others.

Other Products
  • 7-inch Headrest Car DVD PlayerThis SL7000 7-inch headrest car DVD player not only can be used as the headrest for front seat passengers but also enables rear passengers to watch videos. This meets the requirement of comfortable ride and brings fun to passengers. Our product adopts Sony loader and Sunplus 8202T solution. It supports audio/video input and output.
  • 7-inch TFT LCD Display Stand Car Video MonitorThe SL700XS 7-inch TFT LCD display stand car video monitor is easy to install and operate. It is equipped with a beautiful and flexible vertical support which can be used to adjust the angle of the display. This product supports two-channel video input. One is used for reversing and the other can be used to show videos from DVD or other video devices.