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USB Vehicle Black Box

The SLBX-1 USB vehicle black box is suitable for the monitoring and information recording of buses, taxis and other transport systems. It uses U disk to save data, and the data is stable and can be conveniently transmitted. Videos can be seen and saved by directly plugging the U disk into the computer's USB interface. The U disk interface design is suitable for repeat insertion and removal, which is more stable than SD card. The SD card interface is inside the equipment and can not be inserted or removed frequently. Otherwise, the damage rate is very high. However, the USB interface is the interface between devices and is specially designed to exchange data between devices.

Our USB vehicle black box is shockproof and high temperature resistant. With no mechanical moving part, it can work normally even when the vehicle runs on bumpy roads. It can withstand the temperature as high as 500℃. Even if the car is burning, the video data can also be perfectly saved. When the video image at night does not change, the main unit will be in a dormant state. Our product works at the voltage from 6V to 80V. The wide working voltage range makes the product more stable. In addition, a GPS function is optional, bringing more convenience to users who have this need.

Public transport systems

Police car systems
School bus systems
Tourist bus systems
Cash truck systems
Fleet Management

Technical Parameters
1. Support 1/4CH composite video input
2. Support 1CH D1 (or 4CH CIF) H.264 real-time encoding
3. Support CIF or D1 real-time encoding
4. Resolution: D1, CIF
5. Image frame rate: PAL 25FPS

1. Support 1CH G7.11, ADPCM, G.726 or 1CH AMR, ACC speech coding
2. Supports audio and video streaming

1. U-disk real-time storage
2. Capacity of U-disk is unlimited

Video Recording Mode
1. Timing recording
2. Level and switching value trigger recording
3. Trigger delay recording

1. Support copyright protection and digital watermark technology
2. DES/3DES data encryption

1. The license plate number can be superimposed on the video images
2. Driver's information can be superimposed on the video images
3. Power off Memory Function
4. Energy-saving control, timing power on and off
5. Watchdog design to avoid system crash
6. RJ45 Ethernet interface can be extended to connect with the wireless module
7. Supply RS232 or USB interface to connect with GPS products
8. Dimension: 16.5CM×11CM×4.5CM
9. Weight: 655g

4 HD cameras

Optional Accessories
7 inch rearview mirror type display
7-inch vertical display
U-disk (32G)

1. Front camera     2. Rear camera     3. Left camera
4. Right camera     5. Monitor               6. Power Supply

Sailors is a professional USB vehicle black box manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including car DVR, smart key engine start-stop system bus/taxi/truck video camera, vehicle monitor, and more.

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