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  • Smart Key Engine Start-Stop SystemStep on the brake gently in the disarmed state. The car will be started by gently pressing the ignition button. Press the button again will stop the car.
    The first time to press the ignition button in the disarmed state without stepping on the brake will open the ACC. Press again will open ON. The third time to press the button will turn off the power.
  • Auto Window CloserThe auto window closer can close the windows automatically, which can prevent rainwater from entering the car, item missing or even car missing. It adopts shunt and operational amplifier which can realize precision current detection and small power consumption, thus achieving the purpose of fast response. Our product can be easily installed.

Have you been troubled when you come out from the supermarket with large or small bags in your hands and can not take out the remote control to open the car door? Have you been depressed when you have to untie the gloves to operate the remote control in winter? Have you experienced the trouble caused by forgetting to press the remote control to lock the door? Have you assumed any loss caused by forgetting to close the window?

The car smart key engine start-stop system developed by our company can completely solve the above problems. It adopts the currently most popular and safe passive keyless entry system which enables the car to identify the owner and locks or unlocks the door automatically.

Our company provides various car smart key engine start-stop systems. Our product is reasonably designed and can enhance the configuration of the car. It adopts the world's most advanced CAN-BUS technology which is fully compatible with the original car CAN. Installed through the plug, it can upgrade the security system of the car without causing any loss. Our auto window closer can automatically close the windows. It is installed through the plug and allows for plug-and-play. There is no need to change any original car lines, so the control of the car will not be affected. In addition, this window closer has window motor overload protection and anti-pinch function.

Sailors is a professional car smart key engine start-stop system manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including smart key engine start-stop system, auto window closer, universal car camera, vehicle black box, and much more.

Other Products
  • USB Vehicle Black BoxThe SLBX-1 USB vehicle black box is suitable for the monitoring and information recording of buses, taxis and other transport systems. It uses U disk to save data, and the data is stable and can be conveniently transmitted. Videos can be seen and saved by directly plugging the U disk into the computer's USB interface.
  • SD Card Car DVRThe SLX201 SD card car DVR adopts the H.264 video compression standard. It can produce high-definition images and record video for a long period of time. It supports automatic cyclic and covering recording. This 360-degree panoramic video recorder can provide powerful proof when accidents arise. It also has an image amplification function during steering and reversing.