Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits)

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The model 2000 car auto window closer or wind-up kits can close the car windows automatically after drivers lock the car door. It can be easily installed through the plug and no wiring is needed (extra wire connections may be needed for some models of cars), which will cause no damage to the car circuit.

Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits) Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits) Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits) Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits)
Car Auto Window Closer (Wind-Up Kits)
Operating voltage 13V-11V
Operating current 6A
Static current 8mA
Protection current 9.5A
Protection time 6 Seconds
Min. voltage for ACC 9V
Operating temperature +80℃ ~ -20℃

The car auto window closer can effectively prevent water coming into the car in rainy days, stolen property and car missing. It is easy to install and there is no need of modifying the original car lines, which enhances the original car configuration and greatly increases the safety of driving. Our product works at the voltage of 11V to 13V and the work current is 6A. It performs normally in environment with the temperature ranging from -20℃ to 80℃. Due to the special processing in circuit and software, the auto window closing function will not be affected, no matter whether the ignition power is delayed or not after parking.

As an experienced car auto window closer (wind-up kits) manufacturer in China, Sailors offers a comprehensive range of products, including OBD auto window close and open module, mini night vision rear view camera, USB vehicle black box, and more.

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