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Operation Guide of the Smart Key Engine Start-Stop System
1. Step on the brake gently in the disarmed state. The car will be started by gently pressing the ignition button. Press the button again will stop the car.
2. The first time to press the ignition button in the disarmed state without stepping on the brake will open the ACC. Press again will open ON. The third time to press the button will turn off the power.
3. Press the button without stepping on the brake in the disarmed state for 10 seconds will start the car. Press for five seconds will stop the car.

The smart key engine start-stop system developed by our company has stable and reliable performance. The start button is controlled by programs to stimulate the original car key start mode, OFF-ACC-ON-START-ON-OFF. Our product has passed high temperature, low temperature and humidity detections, so it can work well in different environments. In addition, this product has remote start, shock alarm, baud decoding, auto window closing and other functions.

As a specialized smart key engine start-stop system manufacturer in China, we also provide auto window closer, USB vehicle black box, European car number plate frame camera, and bus security camera, among others.

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