OBD CAN-BUS Alarm Upgrade Kits

Applying CAN-BUS to the car is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to high-end cars, more and more medium and low-end cars start adopting CAN-BUS. CAN bus transfers data fast, which can effectively guarantee the effectiveness and accuracy of the data. By adopting CAN bus, the number of the wiring harness inside the car can be significantly reduced, so the stability of the line is improved.

3600 Main Unit 3600 Wiring Harness
3600 Main Unit 3600 Wiring Harness
Working Parameters
Main Unit

Operating Voltage 12V±3V
Static Current ≤8mA
Vibration Sensor Current ≤2mA
Operating Frequency 433.92MHz/315MHz
Auto Window Closing System
Operating Voltage 12V±3V
Static Current ≤8mA
Relay Current 2mA
Standard Package
Main Unit 1 PCS
Wiring Harness 1 PCS
Shock Sensor 1 PCS

The 3600 OBD CAN-BUS alarm upgrade kits can be installed directly through the data pin and there is no need of wiring, which is very convenient. They can be used together with the original alarm system of the car, providing more safety and reliability. When the driving speed is up to 5km/h, the door will be locked automatically. When the car is powered off, the door will be automatically unlocked.

There is sound alert when locking or unlocking the door. If the door is open during driving, there will be light alert. This CAN-BUS alarm upgrade kits will also send an alert when the door or trunk is failed to close. They have a shock alarm function and the sensitivity of the shock sensor can be adjusted. In addition, our product is equipped with a G-sensor and has emergency brake unlocking function.

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