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  • Universal Car Camera Car camera can present videos and audios in real time, so it can provide monitoring of the environment inside and outside the vehicle, thus providing security for the running of the vehicle. Our company provides various universal car cameras, the chip of which adopts CCD or CMOS. The CCD chip can yield imaging of high quality while the CMOS chip has low cost and low power consumption.
  • Bus/Taxi/Truck Video CameraOur company provides multiple types of bus or taxi or truck video cameras. These products are used for real time or remote monitoring of conditions inside or outside the vehicle. With a metal housing, our product has good shock resistance and waterproof performance, ensuring a long lifespan. In addition to the exquisite appearance, our video camera also has precision internal wiring.
  • License Plate Frame CameraThe license plate frame camera adopts metal framework and there is no need for punching holes during installation, which can maintain the original structure of the vehicle. The lens is made of waterproof, shock-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and is thus not easy to be damaged. During reversing, the 120º or 170º wide-angle lens can monitor obstacles ...
  • Dedicated Car CameraOur company provides various dedicated car cameras with fine workmanship and excellent performance. With small volume, the product can be installed in the trunk handle, bumper, license plate lamp and the reserved holes of the original car, which will not destroy the structure or affect the beauty of the car. Our product can be connected with most vehicle display devices, such as car monitor, DVD, rearview mirror display, portable GPS, etc.

Our company provides various car cameras. The universal type of product is mainly used for small cars. According to the size and shape of the product, it is applied to the front, side or rear view. The bus type of product is used for the front, side and rear view as well as internal monitoring of buses or trucks. Our license plate frame product is designed according to the license plate frame of the European and American cars. It is applicable to the front and rear view. We also provide dedicated products for different models of cars. All of these products have parking line function.

Our products have passed strict aging test, waterproof test as well as high and low temperature test, and a one-year warranty is provided.

Car camera can present video and audio in real time. It can monitor the environment inside and outside the vehicle, which can provide security for driving and scientific basis for the handling of traffic accidents. Our product adopts advanced image devices, ensuring clear images. It also has automatic white balance, automatic gain control and back light compensation functions, which ensures that the images will not be disturbed. With a small volume, our product can be installed in a position without being noticed, so the structure of the car will not be affected. In addition, it has good waterproof and shockproof performance.

Sailors is a major car camera manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including universal car camera, license plate frame camera, USB vehicle black box, auto window closer, and more.

Other Products
  • Smart Key Engine Start-Stop SystemStep on the brake gently in the disarmed state. The car will be started by gently pressing the ignition button. Press the button again will stop the car.
    The first time to press the ignition button in the disarmed state without stepping on the brake will open the ACC. Press again will open ON. The third time to press the button will turn off the power.
  • Auto Window CloserThe auto window closer can close the windows automatically, which can prevent rainwater from entering the car, item missing or even car missing. It adopts shunt and operational amplifier which can realize precision current detection and small power consumption, thus achieving the purpose of fast response. Our product can be easily installed.