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The SL503 car front view or rearview bumper camera can be easily installed in a hidden position, which will not affect the appearance of the car. Three types of image sensor are optional, which are SONY CCD, CMOS PC1030, and MT9V136A. The maximum lens angle reaches 170 degrees, providing a large viewing scope. The horizontal resolution is 380, 420 or 600 TV Line. The reversing scale line makes it safer to back the car. With a metal housing, the product has a protection grade of IP67 or IP68, which can effectively resist water and dust.

Car Front View/Rearview Bumper Camera SL503C-18.5
1. Φ18.5mm
2. 170º
Car Front View/Rearview Bumper Camera SL503-22.5
1. Φ22.5mm
2. 120º
Car Front View/Rearview Bumper Camera SL503CL
1. Φ26mm
2. 120º
3. IR night vision
Image Sensor 1/3 inch SONY CCD 1/4 inch SONY CCD 1/4 inch MT9V136-A 1/4 inch PC1030
Resolution 600 TV Line 420 TV Line 420 TV Line 380 TV Line
Effective Pixels PAL: 795(H) ×596(V)
NTSC: 752(H) ×582(V)
PAL:500(H) ×582(V)
NTSC:510(H) ×492(V)
Lens Angle 90º~170º 90º~170º 90º~170º
AGC Auto Auto Auto
BLC Auto Auto Auto
S/N Ratio >48dB >45dB >45dB
Work Current Max.150mA <70mA <70mA
Work Voltage DC12V±10%
Operating Temperature -30 ℃~+70 ℃, RH95% Max. -30 ℃~+85 ℃, RH95% Max. -30 ℃~+105 ℃, RH95% Max.
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~85 ℃, RH95% Max. -50 ℃~ +150 ℃, RH95% Max. -40 ℃~+105 ℃, RH95% Max.
Minimum Illumination 0.1Lux/(0Lux with LED on) 0.5Lux/(0Lux with LED on) 1.0Lux/(0Lux with LED on)
Protection Grade IP67-IP68

Our car front view and rearview bumper camera has automatic gain control and back light compensation functions. The work voltage is DC 12V±10% and signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 45dB. This product has small volume and good shock resistance.

Sailors is an experienced car front view/rearview bumper camera manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as bus/taxi security camera, American license plate frame camera, and smart key engine start-stop system.

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